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Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]

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Naio Wood, Kumquat, Star Anise, Hyssop is just a small selection of the specialty oils in the Exotic & Unusual Emotions Virtual Book.

Maybe you've got your hands on a few of these gorgeous limited offer oils, monthly specials, or international oils & blends... But what do you do with them, how do you use them and how can they support your emotions?

The Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book] gives you the usage details, oil description relating to emotions, how the oil enhances and counteracts the top emotions associated with the oil, chemical constituents, in addition to crystal pairing recommendations and a beautifully curated recipes…. plus much much more! Everything you love from the original Oil Magic Emotions Book, for many of those rare specialty oils in your essential oil collection!

*Our virtual books are NOT eBooks or PDFs! They're an innovative kind of interactive virtual book with multimedia, video injections, downloads, and you can access them from any device anywhere in the world via an app or on your tablet or desktop! 🌏🥳


 Emotional usage
Safety precautions
Fun 'Did You Know' facts about each oil & blend
Chemistry breakdown
DIY & diffuser recipes
Where and how to collect the oils you're missing 

Tree Oils
Buddha Wood, Hinoki, Naio Wood, Nootka

Fruity Oils
Clementine, Kumquat, Litsea, Red Mandarin, White Grapefruit, Yellow Mandarin, Yuzu

Floral Oils
Cananga, Cistus, Davana, Hyssop, Manuka, Osmanthus

Spice Oils 
Caraway, Cumin, Star Anise

Herbs & Grass Oils
Bergamot Mint, Common Myrtle, Dill, Galbanum, Laurel Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Palmarosa, Ravintsara, Summer Savory

Specialty Blends
Amavi™, Beautiful, Harvest Spice, Holiday Joy, Holiday Peace

In addition to the above we have the following topics to enhance your specialty oil usage:

 What are Emotions
What are Essential Oils
Safety & usage
 The Essence of Self-Care
Mindful Meditation

Note: This is non refundable product due to the immediate fulfilment upon completion at checkout, the access will be granted via Wellness Nook, our virtual platform within 24-48 hours of order placement.

Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]
Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]
Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]
Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]
Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]
Oil Magic Emotions : Exotic & Unusual [Virtual Book]