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Class Decks Complete Collection

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Get all SIX of our Class Decks for a discounted price!

Each Class Deck is filled with beautiful graphics and valuable education, all while setting up the sale at the end of your classes.

The Natural Solutions Class Deck allows you to present a beautiful essential oils 101 class online. This class deck is designed to help you educate your attendees on the exciting fundamentals of essential oils and to help them enrol with a kit!

The Vibrant Emotions Class Deck centers on how to use essential oils and other natural solutions that can help improve and control thoughts, feelings, and behaviours for a healthier emotional well-being.

The Active, Fit, & Energised Class Deck focuses on educating your clients on the best natural solutions to attain an active, fit, and energised lifestyle. It is an amazing presentation for people who are super conscious about their physical well-being and prefer chemical-free products.

The Focus & Concentration Class Deck highlights the use of essential oils and other natural solutions that will improve the ability to focus and concentrate and avoid distractions in order to perform well across a wide variety of situations.

The Pain Management Class Deck is going to teach you and your valued clients how to achieve healthy, pain-free muscles and joints as we age. It allows you to present the natural and safe ways to maintain health and vitality and how to help the body in recovering from strenuous physical activities.

The Tots & Rugrats Class Deck will help educate parents and caregivers on how to confidently use essential oils and other natural solutions to create amazing health and well-being for kids

Here's what's included:

  • Keynote and PowerPoint files (you can edit the text, products, and prices to match your market)
  • Gorgeous slides to take you from the beginning of your class to the enrolment at the end
  • Instructional PDF with setup instructions and an easy-to-follow class outline
  • Social sharables to invite people on social media to your classes

What your attendees experience in each class

  • Essential oils 101
  • Why use essential oils (they're pure, effective, and cost-effective)
  • 3 ways to use essential oils (aromatic, topical, internal)
  • Highlights for the essential oils, supplements, and other natural solutions
  • Basic enrolment kit and deluxe enrolment kit options
  • Enrolment instructions

What technology do you need?

  • Keynote (mac) or PowerPoint (windows) to customise your slides as desired
  • Webinar/Streaming platform (Zoom, Facebook Live, StreamYard, or other streaming service) to teach your online class


  • Can this Class Deck be used in any market? YES! We've included oils and products that fit the topic of this class, but you can swap out anything you prefer to be different or that needs to be changed for your market.
  • Which enrolment kits are included at the end? We include a basic enrolment option and an advanced option in every Class Deck. These are custom-built kits for our specialty classes. You can change the enrolment options as needed, but we suggest using the ones we've provided!
  • Does the class use generic blend names or dōTERRA names? Oil Magic Book uses generic names.
  • Do I need special software? You can edit your slides in Keynote or PowerPoint.
  • Is there a lot of customisation required? The slides are completely done for you. Only customise them if you wish to.
  • Can I share the Class Deck I purchase with my team? No, the Class Deck you purchase is only to be used by you. If your team members wish to use our Class Decks to do their own online classes, please refer them to our store!
  • IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions before opening the slide deck in order for it to work properly. This includes downloading the fonts.

You will receive this file by separate email within 24 hours of your purchase.

This is non refundable product due to the immediate fulfilment upon completion at checkout.

Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection
Class Decks Complete Collection