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Enrolment Accelerator Course

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Wellness Advocates are finding their way back to business as usual, and we're stoked to give you a HUGE BOOST!

This course will focus on helping you and your team get into a simple, easy, duplicatable enrolment rhythm. It's delivered to you via Wellness Nook Virtual Library.  Access details will be provided via an email that will provide instructions that will arrive with you within 24 hours of purchase. This course contains a wealth of knowledge that you can access time after time from the comfort of your computer, table or phone. The self guided modules are perfect to go at your pace and rewatch and relearn as needed.  Here's what's include in the super value pack:


It is all about simplifying the way you achieve the 3 measurable metrics that actually grow your dōTERRA business:

  • New enrolments (with a kit!)
  • New LRP Orders
  • Increasing average order size

When you have all three of these things happening consistently, your business growth is inevitable! Here's how you'll learn:

"Get Your Next 3 Enrolments FAST!"

  • Identify low-hanging fruit (easy people to reach out to)
  • Simplified sharing (to get easy commitments!)
  • Simplified enrolling (the 10 minute kind!)
  • BONUS: Simplified LRP (your yoga friends should be effortless)
  • BONUS: Simplified Placements

"Building a Personal dōTERRA Brand that Grows"

  • What makes consistency possible (Joy & Authenticity!)
  • Why sameness doesn’t work in network marketing (Controversy: Duplication Models)
  • BREAKOUTS with guest speaker dōTERRA stars
    • How I found my niche
    • How I established my brand
    • How I found my sales model
  • Identify your essential oils niche & brand
  • Identify your unique & ideal sales model
  • Exploring possible sales models (classes, webinars, events, B2B, etc.)
  • Incentives that get enrolments & LRP’s

"Systematically Get LRP's & Bigger Orders"

  • Tuning your personal LRP pitch
  • Reactivating and hyper-activating existing customers (don't leave money on the table!)
  • BREAKOUTS with dōTERRA Star Leaders
    • How I get new people on LRP consistently
    • How I connect with existing customers (to increase order size and nurture relationships)
    • How I reactivate inactive customers
  • Putting your custom enrolment plan into motion

This is non refundable product due to the immediate fulfilment upon completion at checkout.

Enrolment Accelerator Course
Enrolment Accelerator Course
Enrolment Accelerator Course
Enrolment Accelerator Course
Enrolment Accelerator Course
Enrolment Accelerator Course