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Achieving Emotional Balance : Presentation & Class Pack

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Achieving Emotional Balance : Presentation & Class Pack provides the tools and resources to educate and help others to navigate their emotional landscape with the power of essential oils and all-natural solutions for a healthier emotional well-being. 

The Presentation & Class Pack is filled with beautiful graphics within the presentation pack, packed with valuable education in a proven delivery structure for converting contacts to customers.  This is achieved by presenting the topic beautifully and succinctly, with class invitations (both virtual and to print at home) in addition to printable class content.  

Here's what's included:

  • Keynote and Power Point files (you can edit the text, products, and prices to match your market)
  • Gorgeous slides to take you from the beginning of your Achieving Emotional Balance class to the enrolment at the end
  • Social shareables to invite people on social media to your classes

The above presentation pack enables you to work hand in hand with the free class pack as follows (accessible through a link inside Oil Magic Emotions Book:

  • PDF printable Class Handout 
  • PDF printable “The Good Life” Protocol handout
  • Printable Limbic System chart
  • Instructional teacher’s guide with setup instructions
  • Easy to follow class script

What your attendees experience in this class

  • Essential oils foundations
  • Why use essential oils (they're pure, effective, and cost-effective)
  • 3 ways to use essential oils (aromatic, topical, internal)
  • Dive into the emotionally supporting benefits of 6 of the top essential oils found in the most popular dōTERRA enrolment kits
  • Enrolment options
  • Best way to purchase for maximum benefit

What technology do you need?

  • Keynote (mac) or Power Point (windows) to customize your slides as desired
  • Webinar/Streaming platform (Zoom, Facebook Live, StreamYard, or other streaming service) to teach your online class


  • Can this Presentation Pack be used in any market? YES! We've included oils and products that fit the topic of this class, but you can swap out anything you prefer to be different or that needs to be changed for your market.
  • Does the class use generic blend names or dōTERRA names? Oil Magic Emotions Book uses trademarked names, but the presentation pack contains generic names, but as mentioned above you can customise the slide according to your needs.
  • Do I need special software? You can edit your slides in Keynote or Power Point.
  • Is there a lot of customization required? The slides are completely ready for you to use. Only customize them if you wish to make relevant for your market (pricing etc).
  • Can I share the Presentation Pack I purchase with my team? No, the Presentation Pack you purchased is for the purchasers use only. If your team members wish to use our Presentation Pack to do their own online classes, please refer them to our store! Please respect our copyright.
  • IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions before opening the slide pack in order for it to work properly. This includes downloading the supplied fonts.

This is non refundable product due to the immediate fulfilment upon completion at checkout.

Achieving Emotional Balance : Presentation & Class Pack