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Oil Magic Emotions Mini Guide [Virtual Book] - FREE

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Oil Magic Emotions is FREE your introductory mini virtual guide to navigating and supporting your emotional journey with essential oils. An extraction of the full version Oil Magic Emotions, but an fantastic resources to get started in understanding the interplay between emotions and wellbeing.  

The mini guide includes the following extracts:

 ✔️ The Foundations: This section covers essential oil fundamentals, safe usage, dilution, and delves into emotions and their physical impact. 

✔️ Supporting Everyday Emotional Challenges: Includes and extract of step-by-step instructions in the A-Z Section ensuring you can confidently address your some daily occurring emotional needs.

✔️ Core Emotions Protocols: This section include extracts from the full protocols section of Oil Magic Emotions to support positive, negative, and neutral emotions with a robust regime. 

✔️ Recipes, DIY’s & Diffuser Blends: You'll find a range of recipes contained identified with specific emotional support in mind, in addition to diffuser blends that promote emotional harmony and well-being.

✔️ All-New dōTERRA 2023 Products Included: Stay up-to-date with the latest and most powerful essential oils and supplements from dōTERRA, complete with their names for easy reference.

✔️ Lifestyle Modalities: Explore this section to have an introduction to what is contained in the full book, peek your interest into how you can more fully support your emotions. 

✔️ Supplements for Foundational Support: Here you can explore the basics of how supplements can help to create a sure foundation and bolster your emotional state.

✔️ Bibliography & Reference: You'll find contained within this mini guide the bibliography and references for the whole Oil Magic Emotions book so you can deep dive into sources for further education and expansion of understanding. 

What is a virtual book?

Our virtual books are a unique way of learning because they are not an e-book, there are no files to download, and you don’t need a special app. They are interactive, multimedia, searchable virtual books that you can access through our online Wellness Nook platform, or the Kajabi app if you prefer. You can use them on any device, anywhere in the world.

You will gain access to our Wellness Nook platform after you order your FREE virtual book. We will send you follow-up emails with everything you need to know.

Enjoy this FREE resource and SHARE it with friends to help them navigate their emotions too!

Oil Magic Emotions Mini Guide [Virtual Book] - FREE